CAS Opens Distinguished Friend Award Nominations

The Awards and Recognition Committee of CAS is soliciting nominations for the 2018 Distinguished Friend of Education Awards.

The Distinguished Friend of Education Awards, established in 1983, honor a person and an organization or corporation for outstanding service to education in Connecticut (see criteria below).

If you wish to nominate an individual or an organization/corporation for these prestigious awards, please complete the nomination form by January 12, 2018. Nominations must be submitted or endorsed by the building principal. There is a limit of one nomination per principal. The winners will be honored at a local forum or event of the nominator’s choosing.

For further information, contact Karen Packtor at kpacktoratcasciacdotorg.

TOP PHOTO: Distinguished Friend of Education Award Recipient Chris Brint with Yalesville School Principal Mary Poisson

CENTER PHOTO: Distinguished Friend of Education Award Recipient Glastonbury Rotary Club’s Donna Finocchiaro and William Dufford with nominators Azra Redzic and Dave Anderson

BOTTOM PHOTO: Distinguished Friend of Education Award Recipient Dr. Daniel Doyle with Wamogo Animal Science Teacher Lori Bennett



Individual Award –
The individual recommended shall:
· be a person from outside the field of elementary or secondary education;
· be a person who has no direct involvement in education through his or her employment;
· be a person noted for a strong contribution to education at the local, state, regional or national level;
· have made this contribution over an extended period of time, or an extraordinary contribution within a limited period.

Organization or Corporation Award –
The organization or corporation recommended shall:
· have no direct involvement in education through the employment of its members;
· be noted for a strong contribution to education at the local, state, regional or national level;
· have made this contribution over an extended period of time or an extraordinary contribution within a limited period.



Chris Brint – Wallingford, CT
Nominator(s): Mary Poisson, Principal, Yalesville Elementary School, Wallingford

Chris Brint, a contractor from Wallingford, CT, has been an industrious and selfless volunteer at Yalesville Elementary School for more than ten years. A quintessential jack-of-all-trades, Chris has a hand in every school event, from the back-to-school picnic and Rock N’ Roll Relay to the annual craft fair and father-daughter dance. He spends countless hours preparing the building and grounds for the school’s opening each year and helps with bulletin boards, PTO fundraisers, literacy nights and field days. His presence at the school is so ubiquitous and his contributions are so prodigious that new principal Mary Poisson assumed him to be an employee when she first started at Yalesville. But, it’s not just what Chris DOES that makes him special; it’s who he IS. His passion and boundless energy are invigorating and he consistently promotes good character, values, community participation and social responsibility through the activities that he plans, organizes and facilitates. A man who is never looking for credit for his contributions, Chris continues to donate his time and talents to Yalesville despite not having any children at the school – or at any of the schools in the Wallingford district!

Dr. Daniel Doyle – Bantam, CT
Nominator(s): Jaime Rivera, Principal, Wamogo Regional High School, Litchfield

For more than fifteen years, Dr. Daniel Doyle, local veterinarian and volunteer extraordinaire, has been providing veterinary services to Wamogo Regional High School’s agriculture program at no cost. He makes himself available for animal emergencies of all natures, coming to the school on a moment’s or even seeing patients from the school in his parking lot when he is inundated with patients at his practice. Dr. Doyle spends significant time in WRHS classrooms, sharing his real world experiences with students, helping them understand the process of euthanizing an animal, and working with animal science classes on vaccinations and vaccination protocols. Dr. Doyle also provides work placements for WRHS students and takes a genuine interest in preparing them for their future careers. Through his volunteer efforts and positive influence, Dr. Doyle has had a significant impact on the WRHS agriculture program. With the cost of veterinary care, his free services have made an enormous financial impact on the entire WHRS community.



Glastonbury Rotary Club – Donna Finocchiaro, GRC Sanchez School Committee Chair; and William Dufford, GRC Member
Nominator(s): Azra Redzic, Principal, and, Dr. David Anderson, Dean of Students – Maria Sanchez Elementary School, Hartford

Under the leadership of Donna Finocchiaro, the Glastonbury Rotary Club (GRC) has worked tirelessly to provide Sanchez students with meaningful educational, social and recreational opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach. For the last three years, the GRC has been sponsoring a Sanchez School family-wide picnic for all students and family members. It is a unique way to unite the community early in the school year and build bonds between students, teachers, administrators and families. The club covers 100% of the costs of the picnic. It also supports an annual field trip to a local farm where third graders discover the intricacies of running a farm, interact with animals, go on a hay ride, learn about cider production, and enjoy a host of other farm-related educational experiences. The expenses for this trip, including the cost of the bus, pumpkins for each child, apple cider, and other treats, are fully funded by the GRC. Through donations such as a baby grand piano for the auditorium and musical instruments for a 5th grade marching band, the club has helped to revitalize the music program at Sanchez and spark student interest in music and arts. The GRC has also made many significant monetary contributions which have subsidized critical purchases such as classroom supplies and school uniforms. Through GRC’s donations, the school has been able to give out free uniforms to any family in need.