Deadline for Special Education Coach Grant Extended

CAS is pleased to announce that the application deadline for the Special Education Coach Grant has been extended to Thursday, January 25th. The grant program, a joint initiative of CAS and the Connecticut State Department of Education Bureau of Special Education, was established last year in response to many reports from the field indicating that special education administrators would benefit greatly from the support of an executive coach with special education expertise. Now in its second year, the grant opportunity is open to all districts and recipients will receive a coach at no cost for the services provided. The application can now be submitted electronically in order to streamline the process and make it easier for districts to meet the deadline. If the application is submitted electronically initially, then two hard copies must be mailed to the CAS office shortly after the deadline.

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) Bureau of Special Education and
the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) Partnership

CAS began providing coaches to principals ten years ago. Recently, in order to better meet the changing demands of administrators, CAS has developed several new coaching models including one for special education administrators which was created in partnership with the CSDE. And, there is grant money available for districts to avail themselves of special education coaching services at no cost. Through this grant, the CSDE and CAS will work collaboratively with partner districts to:

  • support a new or experienced special education administrator;
  • create a structured, individualized support plan for the administrator;
  • build capacity for supporting equitable learning experience for all students, specifically, students with disabilities; and,
  • enhance district capacity for implementing and sustaining successful practices that are developed throughout the year by providing training and technical assistance and resources to identified special education administrators.

The CAS coach will be on site minimally one time per month through June 2018 and will also be available via cell phone and/or email. The selection process is determined through the grant application. Special education administrators will be selected throughout the 6 regions of the state. The administrator may be a newly appointed or a veteran director, supervisor or coordinator. The coach will help to develop an action plan based on the needs of the district and the selected candidate. It is important to note that confidentially is a priority in order to enable the development of a trusting, supportive and effective working relationship.

Please click on the button below in order to access the application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marie Glowski at 860-662-0077 or mglowskiatcasciacdotorg. We look forward to receiving your applications over the next two weeks.