Do You Know an Outstanding Elementary School Principal?

Do you know or work with an outstanding elementary school principal? If your answer is “YES,” we encourage you to nominate him or her for the Elementary School Principal of the Year Award.

The Connecticut Association of Schools has opened nominations for the 2020 Elementary School Principal of the Year Award (also known as the NAESP National Distinguished Principal Award). This award is designed to recognize outstanding elementary school principals who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, a selfless commitment to their students and staff, ongoing service to their communities and contributions to the overall profession of school administration.*

If you feel that an elementary principal in your district is eligible for this honor (see criteria below), please complete the online nomination form and submit two one-page letters of recommendation and a copy of the nominee’s résumé no later than midnight on January 24, 2020.

NOTE: Only two letters of recommendation will be accepted. Nominations submitted with more than two letters – or with letters that exceed the one-page limit – will not be considered. The letters of recommendation should be written with a mind to the selection criteria listed below. Each letter should not be more than one page in length and should outline how the principal’s leadership has created an effective learning community affecting staff morale, community support and student interest and achievement. Please note that the article. Please remember to upload a brief copy of your nominee’s résumé to the nomination form.

Finalists for the Elementary Principal of the Year Award (a/k/a NDP Award) will be chosen by the CAS Elementary Principal of the Year Selection Committee. The finalists will be asked to complete an award application packet and to submit a portfolio. The applications and portfolios will be due at CAS in mid-March 2020. The committee will select the state winner after reviewing the finalists’ applications/portfolios and visiting their respective schools.

All nominees must be members of CAS and NAESP and must have at least five years of experience as a school principal. The individual selected for the award must be an active administrator in Connecticut during the year in which he or she will receive the award (the 2020-2021 school year).

IMPORTANT: Anyone currently holding a position on the NAESP board of directors (including an officer role) or serving as an officer of CAS during the official nomination time period or during the year of recognition is ineligible for selection.

* CAS sponsors a separate recognition program for secondary school principals.

The selected principal must:
• be a member of NAESP and CAS at the time of the award and maintain membership through the end of the state and national awards ceremonies;
• have been an active principal for at least five years (NOTE: Only those years served as a building principal may count toward the necessary five);
• remain in active service in a position of school leadership during the year in which he or she receives the award (the 2020-2021 school year);
• be an active principal of a school in which a commitment to excellence is clearly evident;
• show a strong commitment to the principalship through active membership in professional associations;
• be respected by students, colleagues, parents, and the community at large;
• assume an active role in his/her community, distinguishing himself/herself as a leader in civic, religious, or humanitarian activities;
• show strong educational leadership by setting high expectations for school staff and students;
• maintain an orderly, purposeful learning environment; 
• have positively impacted curriculum, staff morale, community support, student interest, and the learning environment;
• show strong educational leadership leading to increased or consistently high levels of student achievement;
• provide creative leadership to inspire and motivate others to achieve and contribute positively to the school environment; and,
• demonstrate service and/or achievements above and beyond what is expected in the usual school program.