1st Annual Statewide CT High School Virtual Talent Showcase

Talent abounds in Connecticut. Here’s a chance to spotlight it!…

We are thrilled to announce a free, exciting opportunity for students to showcase their skills statewide. CAS-CIAC and Welcome 2 Reality will be hosting the 1st Annual Statewide CT High School Virtual Talent Showcase. Please see details below. The Talent Show will take place live on April 29, 2021, at 7pm. We encourage you to nominate your talented students! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Cherese Miller-Odukwe at cmilleratcasciacdotorg.
Goal– To create an opportunity for high school students to showcase their talents by participating in a virtual Talent Showcase.

Purpose– To provide a safe and positive way for students and staff to safely stay connected with peers, promote a sense of community, and demonstrate school pride and healthy competition.

Intended Audience– Open to high school students across the state. Participants will be able to create ways to promote their “appearances” and students and staff will be encouraged to provide support for participants representing their school/district.

Selection Process– Participation requirements include being in good social standing and having positive content messaging. A school staff member must nominate the student and complete the Google form where they will be asked to submit a link to a maximum 2-minute video clip, student name, school, grade level and talent. The student and nominating staff member give CAS-CIAC all rights to share the student video on CAS-CIAC websites and social media platforms.

Ten finalists will be selected and showcased in the live streaming event on 4/29/21. Of those ten, the top three will be determined by a five judge panel along with audience input. A list will be posted on the CAS/CIAC website one week prior to the main event.

Submission Process– To nominate a student and provide a link to a video of their talent (2 minutes or less) a school staff member must complete this Google form no later than 5pm on April 16, 2021. The CAS-CIAC and Welcome 2 Reality committee will select the top 10 talents and an announcement will be made on April 29, 2021.