Safe & Positive Climate Policy Implementation

On February 2, 2021, CAS hosted a webinar featuring a panel of Connecticut school leaders and policy makers with a broad range of experience in the area of school climate. In this interactive webinar, panelists identified the critical attributes of a positive school climate and shared strategies for creating positive and restorative learning environments in which: all voices are respected and heard; racial and social justice and equity are supported; social and emotional learning is promoted; and the skills of citizenship and democracy are employed. Click below to watch “Safe and Positive School Climate Implementation.”

Our panel of experts included:

Patricia Ciccone and Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg from School Climate Consultants, LLC;
Steven Hernández, Executive Director, CT Commission on Women, Children and Seniors;
Patrice McCarthy, Deputy Director and General Counsel, CABE;
Dr. Janet Robinson, Superintendent, Stratford Public Schools; and,
Sarhanna Smith, Principal, Read School, Bridgeport.



Below are links to resources that were shared during the session.