Welcome to the CAS Executive Staff Blog

Posted by Executive Director Dr. Karissa Niehoff
October 2, 2013

Welcome to the new CAS website and the inaugural posting to our Executive Staff Blog. Our blog will feature postings from all of our executive staff members highlighting professional ideas, activities, best practices and general editorials that are current hot topics for school leaders at all levels.

Like all of you in your schools, we had a busy summer at CAS and have launched many activities to support school leaders in the new academic year: training in the new evaluation guidelines; a Common Core State Standards Community of Practice; the New Leaders Academy; and many workshops and communities of practice regarding topics such as early childhood education, NEASC Accreditation, Student Success Plans, school climate, use of technology, data-driven decision making, and effective leadership practices. Our Executive Coaching program is being implemented in collaboration with the LEAD Connecticut partners and our UCAPP cohorts include outstanding administrative aspirants.

An important new initiative is our “Helping the Principal” focus group which is looking at the principal job description and responsibilities; recognizing that job of a principal has never been so overwhelming. This group intends to identify best practices in efficient, effective leadership; offer multiple forums for sharing best practices; and develop a “toolkit” of strategies to ease a principal’s workload. We are also in the process of re-engaging with the legislature and our colleagues such as CAPSS and CABE; important collaboration.

If you are a new school leader or not familiar with CAS, I encourage you to spend some time exploring our website, as well as the CIAC website which is accessible at CIACsports.com. We offer numerous programs and services for students, staff, and even volunteers; however, our main focus is supporting school leaders. Check out the information on the Connecticut Principals Center to learn about the extensive array of professional development opportunities we offer for school leaders at all career stages.

We welcome involvement on our CAS Committees. Please review the current list of CAS boards and committees, and contact us if you have any questions about joining one or more particular groups.

We wish you much success in your schools and stand ready to respond to your needs as much as possible!

Dr. Karissa Niehoff, Ed.D. began her career in Connecticut public education in 1989.
On January 1, 2011 she was named CAS-CIAC’s Executive Director.