Quaker Hill Named Elementary School of the Year for 2017-18

The Connecticut Association of Schools has selected Quaker Hill Elementary School in Waterford as the 2017-18 CAS Elementary School of the Year.  The mission of Quaker Hill Elementary School is to create “a caring and engaging learning environment and to help each student reach his or her fullest potential through instilling a love of learning by challenging and supporting students to achieve academic excellence, educating the whole child, ensuring a positive school climate, and learning through public service.”  This mission is carried out by a continued focus on teaching “what is most important.”  This includes educating the whole child, learning through service, and ensuring a positive school climate.

The criteria considered during the evaluation process include: an educational program conducive to the needs of all students; student opportunities that go beyond the typical school day; education programs that are consistently reviewed and improved; an atmosphere that welcomes participation for all constituencies; and, active role in the community, and strong parent-school involvement.   Quaker Hill quickly distinguished itself in each of these areas.

The committee was impressed with the inclusive and accepting environment that focuses on meeting the needs of every student; the multiple venues for communication with parents and the community; and the multitude of learning opportunities for students.  The dedication to the Zones of Regulation program is a testament to the high level of commitment and belief in the power of all children.  The choices given to students in their program and and after school opportunities are commendable and enhanced by the high level of staff support.

Principal Christopher Discordia, the school staff and parents are to be congratulated on the high quality  educational programs that serve the needs of all of the school’s children.  The sense of community, the outstanding programs, the level of academic achievement, and the overwhelming positive feeling at Quaker Hill Elementary School have made it the clear winner of the Connecticut Association of School Outstanding Elementary School of the Year Award.

By Jill Hale, Assistant Executive Director