Region 6 Teacher Named CAS Elementary Level Educator of the Year

Alisa Wright with former Region 6 Superintendent Edward Drapp

The Connecticut Association of Schools is pleased to announce that Alisa Wright, health and wellness teacher for Region 6, has been selected as the recipient of the CAS 2017-2018 Elementary Level Educator of the Year Award.

Each year the Connecticut Association of Schools awards the Elementary Level Exemplary Educator Award to an individual who demonstrates:

  • excellence in education including meeting the needs of students with a variety of instruction techniques used in the classroom;
  • involvement with students, staff, and parents in and out of the classroom; and,
  • leadership within the profession – contributions to team, the school, and the community.

As the elementary wellness teacher and TAG mentor, Mrs. Wright plans lessons with real-world application and skillfully adjusts her instruction to meet the needs of each of the learners in her classes. Ms. Wright is also a member of the “E Team” which plans enrichment for students across the district. Mrs. Wright has worked with her colleagues who teach in the “special areas” (art, music, etc) in providing these enrichment opportunities for students which directly link to their general education curricula.

Mrs. Wright’s dedication to all three elementary schools is evidenced in her work with the elementary school gardens. This work includes coordinating efforts with students and the surrounding community so that the plants are cared for over the summer break.

In a joint letter of recommendation, the three Region 6 elementary principals wrote: “It is our honor to write on behalf of Mrs. Alisa Wright….she personifies the passion, dedication, and professionalism that inspire and brighten the lives of students, families, and fellow educators.”

It was CAS’ pleasure to present Mrs. Wright’s award at a board meeting early in September.

by Jill Hale, Assistant Executive Director