Emergency Response Team Launched by CAS

October 22nd – Training session conducted by Newtown High School Principal Charles Dumais, former Newtown Superintendent Janet Robinson, and Scott Newgass, from the S.D.E. Bureau of Health/Nutrition and Family Services

The Connecticut Association of Schools has established an Emergency Response Team to provide support for school leaders in the event of crisis situations that transcend a district’s capacity to manage effectively. This team would be deployed in the same manner as Red Cross, law enforcement, and mental health teams are deployed. The team’s sole task will be to provide assistance and guidance for principals and other building leaders. The twenty member team is comprised of present and former school administrators who have been identified through a survey of all CAS member principals as being people they would like to have by their side in the event of a catastrophic occurrence in their school or district.

The Emergency Response Team has been trained to:
• Increase administrative capacity;
• Be an advisor and ally who is less involved in the event;
• Handle school management issues while school leaders are dealing with the crisis;
• Be a “handler” for, and look after the principal as she/he process what needs to be done;
• Help accelerate the healing.
The team intends to work in concert with other professional teams to maximize support for affected schools and districts.

School Crisis Support
Emergency Response Team members are also available to support school leaders in dealing with crisis situations that do not rise to the catastrophic occurrence level. Member principals who experience a building level crisis and would like a contact from someone who has been through the experience, call (203)250-1111 or email mailatcasciacdotorg. Simply leave a brief message with your contact information and a brief note about the nature of your situation. A team member will contact you.