A Special CAS Town Hall Webinar with Professor Evan Mandery

“We’re About to Have the Longest Summer Vacation Ever. That’s Going to Be a Problem” by Professor Evan Mandery was published in Politico on May 17, 2020. The article, which is available at https://casci.ac/5837, is a MUST READ for all educators who care about equity and access to high quality learning for ALL students. In this special town hall webinar, CAS Assistant Executive Director Dr. Rosie Vojtek engages Professor Mandery in a powerful conversation about how COVID-19 will exacerbate the “summer slide” – and its uniquely harsh effects on economically disadvantaged students – but how it will also provide an opportunity to transform schools and schooling. Click here to view the recording.


The Q&A document prepared for and referred to in this session is available here.