CAS-CIAC Student Equity Advisory Board

In 2020, CAS-CIAC created a Student Equity Advisory Board (SEAB) to bring awareness to inequity in Connecticut and collaborate on ways to enhance inclusion in schools for all students. The SEAB consist of four students from each league and those members develop and implement ideas and action plans to bring back to their respective leagues, schools, and the communities.

SEAB Mission Statement

The mission of the CAS-CIAC Student Equity Advisory Board is to foster diversity among students, teachers, administrators, coaches and community members by promoting inclusivity, awareness, appreciation and respect for all. The focus is to celebrate diversity by creating a welcoming and engaging environment for every student in Connecticut. We are committed to difficult conversations and to a focus on taking action through those conversations – action that leads to institutional change for groups and communities that have traditionally been disadvantaged. Ultimately, the Student Equity Advisory Board aspires to promote inclusivity in our schools, communities, state, country and world.

Click below to watch the end-of-year presentations made by the members of the 2023-24 SEAB.