How Our Differences Bring Us Closer – A Webinar on Diversity

On February 17, 2021, CAS hosted a 1-hour webinar with respected local diversity training consultants Audley Donaldson and Paul Vivian. Rather than shying away from conversations about diversity, Audley and Paul have been offering workshops on this subject for over twenty-five years. As can be gleaned from their powerful conversation, Audley and Paul use humor, empathy and authenticity to tackle sensitive topics including stereotyping and discrimination around age, race, gender, and abilities/disabilities. Adding their voices to the discussion are Robert Garry, principal of Hatton School in Southington, and Cherese Miller-Odukwe, CAS Director of Student Activities. Bob brings his unique perspective as a principal and a former teacher who has worked with Audley and Paul in three school districts. Cherese shares her insights in working with students across Connecticut to help them find and share their voices on issues such as leadership, equity, and racial and social justice. Click below to watch “Discussing Our Diversity: How Our Differences Can Bring Us Closer.”