Fourteen Schools Awarded CAS-CIAC Flanagan Endowment Grants

Fourteen Connecticut schools have been selected by the Connecticut Association of Schools as the recipients of the 2022 CAS-CIAC Flanagan Endowment Grants. Through the generosity of corporate partners, the CAS-CIAC Endowment and Flanagan Grant Program was able to provide over $24,000 in grants this year to new or existing initiatives that meet the grant requirements and would not otherwise be afforded by CAS member schools. In order to be funded, grant applications must meet demanding program criteria, impact a significant number of students, and support pathways of learning that are creative, exciting and engaging.

This year’s CAS-CIAC Flanagan Endowment Grants were awarded to the following schools and programs.


Building Our Community One Brick at a Time | Barkhamsted School, Barkhamsted
The grant will support Barkhamsted School’s initiative titled Building Our Community One Brick at a Time which fosters a sense of community among all preK through grade 6 students. Building Our Community One Brick at a Time is an integral part of the school climate goal of rebuilding community and directly aligns with its Portrait of the Successful Student competency of being a Thoughtful Team Player who knows how to collaborate, communicate and compromise effectively. In addition, this grant will support its SEL programming, anti-bullying education and character development initiative.

SEL in Action | Regional School District 10, Burlington
As part of the SEL in Action initiatives, two district-wide events will be hosted that will serve as the launching and culminating points for Social-Emotional Learning for the 2022-2023 school year. The program will highlight the unique use of the Bio-Dot Skin Thermometer, a small ¼” sticker placed on the hand that measures the individual’s level of stress. The events will be held during the week of September 26, 2022 and April 3, 2023. During those weeks, a variety of SEL-focused activities will be offered that teachers will facilitate and students will select. Offerings will include: yoga, tai-chi, mindfulness, puzzle building, coloring, nature walk, relaxation room, stress-relief tools, read-alouds, and self-reflection activities. All adults and students in the district will wear the bio-dot during these events to identify stress-relief activities that work best for them. The goal is to include the entire school community and invite parents of a select group of students to engage in training on campus so as to create a strong sense of unity and focus around social and emotional wellness.

Student Equity and Leadership (SEL) Team | Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School, Canterbury
This program will train 15-20 student leaders across all grade levels in diversity equity, cultural awareness, sensitivity and leadership. As a small, rural, mostly white district, there is an incredible need for students to build tolerance and awareness of other peoples and cultures. The long-term goal of this program is twofold: (1) to develop student-led restorative practices for situations that are discriminatory in nature; and (2) to build an age-appropriate peer mediation program.

One Book One School | Chapman School, Cheshire
One Book One School is a program designed to engage an entire school community in the essential task of fostering the love of reading. Learning to read and encourage children to be lifelong readers is one of the most important objectives in a child’s education.

No Place for Hate | Rogers Park Middle School, Danbury
The RPMS Student Ambassadors is a group of 7th and 8th grade students who collaborate with the School Climate Transformation Group to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all learners. This grant will support a youth leadership training initiative with the CT State Education Resource Center (SERC) which will help the RPMS student ambassadors think critically about themselves and their surroundings so that they can to build a more inclusive and equitable school community.

The Energy Bus for Kids | R.D Seymour School, East Granby
During 2021-2022, Seymour School used the Energy Bus for Kids to guide discussion around having a positive school climate. The grant will allow for a deeper dive into the Energy Bus for Kids in the 2022-23 year and, ultimately, promote stronger connections to SEL goals.

Wellness Wednesdays | Joseph A. Foran High School, Milford
Foran High School will build a recurring year-long program focusing on student wellness, Wellness Wednesdays. On Wednesdays throughout the year, students will take a “time out” from their day to focus on choice activities related to mindfulness.

School Connectedness: A Summer Transition Program | Stonington Middle School, Mystic
The grant will support the development of a 2023 summer transition program for targeted students experiencing anxiety and other mental health issues in grades six and seven. The program will run once a week, for an hour, over the course of six weeks. The transition program will provide students with the skills to return to school in the fall and have a successful year measured by improved attendance, social connections, and academic achievement. Additionally, a separate session for parents will be offered to promote school connectedness and provide them with strategies to better understand and support their children’s needs.

Promoting Social Skills Through Structured Play | Long Hill School, Shelton
With this grant money, Long Hill will establish an after school program, Club Leo, that will teach students how to play and interact with little to no adult mediation. The program will consist of kindergarten through second grade students who will learn social skills through structured play and guided practice.

Bulldogs in Training | Frank Scott Bunnell High School, Stratford
Bulldogs in Training is a mentorship program for 11th and 12th graders which places an emphasis on long-term relationship development and intensive role modeling for at-risk students both behaviorally and academically.

Stand Up to Bullying- PBIS Campaign | Forbes School, Torrington
he Stand Up to Bullying Campaign will work in concert with the school’s current Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum. This will be an ongoing program throughout the year that will encourage students to be kind to each other, work hard, and have positive behavior. It will kick off with an assembly with Stand Up, Step In, STOP Bullying and, every month, students will receive an incentive to continue to work towards these goals.

Community Connections | Union School, Union
Union School is located in the rural town of Union located in the Quiet Corner. This after school program will focus on developing leadership and mentoring skills for students while building relationships in the community with specific emphasis on senior citizens through technology and outdoor learning experiences. The program will be facilitated by teachers and administration and led by students. Students will instruct community members on skills with various technologies, including apps, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, 3-D design/printing and more. In addition, students will lead community members in various outdoor learning experiences and gardening with the school’s community gardens.

Exploring Identity Through the Arts | Oswegatchie Elementary School, Waterford
Identity is important to the success of the student. Without an understanding of themselves, students do not understand the complexities within social situations and peer dynamics in the classroom. This program will foster the growth and understanding of personal identity as it relates to peer on peer relationships, social situations and understanding oneself.

Wildcat Club | Suffield High School, West Suffield
This grant will support the creation of a student-led Sportsmanship and Leadership Committee.