CASC Student Board Wilderness Retreat: August 15-17, 2014

The CASC board puts leadership and teamwork to the test in the wilderness

Members of the Connecticut Association of Student Councils Board immersed themselves in a teambuilding, leadership and personal challenge course at Great Hollow Wilderness School. Board members spent 3 days accomplishing group initiatives, scaling rock faces and exploring deep underground, confronting personal and group challenges along the way. They camped out; started each day with an early morning “run and dip” in a frigid steam; and cooked on camp stoves and fires. In and among their wilderness adventures, they forged plans for the upcoming year of leadership conferences, community service and their roles as school and state leaders. Board members put into action many of the concepts that they can readily articulate but in ways that required true commitment and personal sacrifice. Stretching oneself is often an uncomfortable process, but with willing spirits, a little grit, determination and support (and a few tears and failed attempts), these students proved themselves to be powerful and authentic leaders. They are ready to join with the complete board on September 19th to move preparations into high gear for the 2014 Leadership Conference (November 21-22, 2014 in Southbury) and the ambitious schedule of leadership trainings and community services initiatives that will take place throughout the year.

By Jenn Buckley, Assistant Director of Student Activities