Important Reminder: Please Update Your Membership Directory Information

Dear Member School Principal:

As you are hopefully aware, we rely on our member schools to update their membership directory information each year. It is vital that we keep our membership data as current as possible so that mailings are sent to the appropriate individuals. This allows member schools to take full advantage of the programs and services offered by CAS.  We are asking you to review and, if necessary, update your membership information by October 15th.

The on-line membership database is accessed through a password-protected area of the CAS website. Simply click on the Member Login icon at the top of this web page. A pop-up dialogue box should appear asking you to enter your “school number” and “login ID”. Once you have gained access to the members-only section of our website, simply click on the “Edit Membership Directory Data” link (first bullet). NOTE: If you need your school number and login ID, please contact Karen Packtor at kpacktoratcasciacdotorg.

Visiting our on-line membership database also provides you with an opportunity to review and sign off on the CAS membership agreement for the 2019-2020 year. Acceptance of this agreement is a requirement of CAS membership.

If you visit the on-line membership directory database and find that the information we have on file for you is completely accurate and up-to-date, we still ask that you check the box indicating that you agree to abide by the rules of membership and then click on the “Submit Information” button.

Our sincere thanks for your cooperation.

– The CAS-CIAC Central Office Staff