CTHSS Student Congress Members Participate in Leadership Training

On October 16, 2014, at A.I. Prince Technical High School, the CTHSS’ State Student Congress convened under the direction of CAS (Connecticut Association of Schools) to participate in a workshop, “Leadership in Action.” The activities focused on positive approaches to empowering student leaders to make a difference in their individual schools.

The main objective of the day focused on students acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect themselves and others. Through activities demonstrating the importance of honesty and trust, the students came away knowing themselves better and believing in the bonds of trust and teamwork.

At the end of the day, CAS Directors, Dave Maloney and Jennifer Buckley left the Congress Students a challenge: “Take you lessons, today, back to your individual councils, and develop an action plan for involving your students in a focused, volunteer activity.” They were urged to share their acquired, leadership skills with their respective councils, and bring to the November 13, 2014, meeting their ideas for a round table, sharing session.

With greater student involvement, with including more students in activities, and with making the climates in the building more positive and more student focused, many of the issues that schools have to deal with will disappear. A stronger, more positive climate in the buildings will result in stronger relationships and stronger rewards.

The Student Congress is composed of student representatives from each of the Connecticut Technical High School Student Councils. They meet four to five times a year to discuss important issues affecting students in the CTHSS. The representatives are selected for their leadership skills and are students who are members of their school’s Student Council and other student organizations. The event was organized by Student Activities consultant Ada Kercado in conjunction with statewide volunteer advisors Vinny Palladino (Ellis Tech), Nadine Mills (Prince Tech) and other Student Council advisors.

Chef Collier and the Culinary Arts students from A.I. Prince Technical High School catered a delightful and delicious display of food and refreshments for the delegates.

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