Elementary School Exemplary School Climate Practices Recognition

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General Information
The Elementary Honors and Awards Committee of the Connecticut Association of Schools accepts applications for “exemplary school climate practices” status.

Elementary educators have long recognized the importance of positive climate in achieving success for all students. While described in many different ways, climate is in fact imbedded in almost all aspects of school life in schools that succeed. Schools seeking recognition will be asked to complete a self-assessment.

The assessment looks at indicators in five broad categories:

  • Safe and healthy environment;
  • A welcoming environment to students and visitors;
  • Stakeholder involvement in planning and decision-making;
  • Parent community and student involvement in the school;
  • Active participation in a variety of programs.

Schools that meet the initial requirements, as determined by paper screening, will receive a site visit to verify and validate the assessment. Schools found to have exemplary school climate practices will be awarded a CAS Certificate, a three-year exemplary practices designation and recognition on the CAS website.

As a service to other schools wishing to improve their school climate, award winners welcome inquiries and visitors. CAS elementary schools wishing to be considered for “Exemplary School Climate Practices” status are invited to download and complete the self-assessment instrument.