Doctoral Dissertation Links Leadership Behaviors to CCSSM Implementation

Dr. Angela Rossbach, Principal
Warren School, Regional School District #6

Warren School Principal Dr. Angela Rossbach’s recently completed dissertation examines the relationship between leadership behaviors and the extent to which teachers reported feeling prepared to teach the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) and reported using instructional practices that align with the CCSSM. Her research, which included survey responses from over 2,000 Connecticut teachers, revealed significant relationships between principals’ leadership behaviors and teachers’ implementation of CCSSM. Dr. Rossbach’s dissertation, entitledThe Perceived Relationship of Leadership Behaviors to Teacher Preparedness for Implementing Connecticut’s Core Standards in Mathematics and Use of Math Practices Aligned with Key Shifts in the Common Core, has significant implications for building and district leaders.

Read the dissertation summary here.

Download the full dissertation here.