Middle Level Exemplary Teaming Practices Recognition

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General Information
The Middle Level Honors and Award Committee of the Connecticut Association of Schools accepts applications for “exemplary teaming practice” status.

According to the National Middle School Association’s This We Believe, Successful Schools for Young Adolescents, “The interdisciplinary team of two to four teachers working with a common group of students is the signature component of high-performing schools, literally the heart of the school from which other desirable programs and experiences evolve.”

The schools receiving recognition completed a rigorous self-assessment examining twenty-seven areas of school practice such as curriculum integration, collaborative decision-making, parent or community involvement and flexible grouping and scheduling. A team from CAS then visited the schools to verify and validate the assessment.

Schools found to have exemplary teaming practices are awarded a CAS Certificate and a three-year exemplary practices designation. As a service to other schools wishing to improve their teaming practices, award winners welcome inquiries and visitors.

CAS middle schools wishing to be considered for “Exemplary Teaming Practices” status are invited to download and complete the self-assessment instrument. Click here to download the instrument.