Student Leadership Conference

So, you’re a student leader … now what?

What kind of a leader might you be?

These essential questions serve as the backbone of a series of interactive learning experiences for the Connecticut Association of Student Councils leadership conference held annually at Wesleyan University

The conference features breakout sessions for student leaders as well as faculty advisors.

Members of the state student advisory board assist in the planning of the conference which, according to Sarah Jones, Executive Director of State Student Council, has ensured that all the activities are “student focused, driven, and connected to improving the school climate within high schools.”

Elections take place at the conference for the following year’s state student advisory board. The end of the workshop features campaign speeches, school caucuses and an election of the state student advisory board that meets four times each year carrying out the mission of student councils in Connecticut. If your school has student leaders who aspire to holding a state position be sure to attend the conference!